Un-Flash Gordon Provides Comic Relief

22 07 2007

There were no submissions for Submission Sunday this week (am I so despised that nobody wants to guest on my blog?), but rather than make you do without your daily morsel of bloggy goodness, I decided to write a piece of my own. The news that Gordon Brown is to hold “crisis” meetings over the flooding that took place on Friday was simply too comical to resist. I would gladly pay good money to watch our beloved PM explain to some survivors of Hurricane Katrina that the flooding we suffered justifies the term “crisis”. Does anyone else think that the reign of Gordon Brown will be the most laughable in the history of the office of British Prime Minister? To my mind, that is pretty good news as it makes it very likely Labour can’t win the next election (who in their right mind would vote for Gordon to be their Prime Minister?) which should pave the way for Cameron’s re-branded Conservative Party to get back into office. It’s quite funny that two of our nation’s best ever Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair will be forever hated by a population that was smart enough to re-elect them, but too stupid to know when it’s got a great thing going.



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