20 07 2007

This is a major pet peeve of mine; second-generation Indians, who were born in England, raised in England, educated in England, and now employed in England, supporting India in cricket matches against their own country. If this sounds like you, yes, I did say your own country. If you were born here, this is your country. Actually, the same goes for first-generation Indians, unless you wish to give up that British passport, and get an Indian one instead? Do remember that should you choose that option, you’ll need a visa to stay in this country. It is not often that I agree with bigots but when Tebbit pointed out that people should not be considered British until they pass the “cricket test”, he was right.

These very same people will gladly support the England football team (because the Indian team does not even do well against other Asian teams), but when it comes to their beloved Sachin (who is an arrogant little…) suddenlt their minds are transported right back to the shanty towns. I have no problem with people supporting the country of their ancestry, rather than their birth, but do try being consistent. Otherwise you come off as a traitor, to both countries.

Of course all fans do it, even the Aussies and Windies, but the difference is, they handle themselves in the right way. They would rather see a good cricket match won by England, than a bad one won by “their team”, something that cannot be said for the Indians. In fact, I know many Australians who were disappointed by how bad England were in the last Ashes series as they were looking forward to competition. Also, most Australians support their own national football team and many West Indians get behind theirs too. Oh, and in case I get accused of being racist, I’m a second-generation Indian myself…and I support England.



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