Sarah Silverman Sorry for Schadenfreude

19 07 2007

I’ve always had plenty of time for Sarah Silverman. Most comediennes are either ugly or not funny, but here we have a woman who combines being rather foxy (I would not kick her out of bed) with being hilarious. As much as I love Jo Brand’s brand (couldn’t resist the pun) of humour, if I’d ever ended up in bed with her I’d be scarred for life. Whilst Tina Fey’s incredibly gorgeous (certainly hotter than Ms Silverman), I don’t find her remotely funny. Unlike most people I won’t just laugh at anything. No, the only female comedian to combine looks and being genuinely funny is Silverman. Perhaps this is because most comediennes are too afraid to shock our sensibilities, something you have to do if you wish to impress me.

Silverman’s willingness to shock has always made me stand up and take notice, and that’s probably why I’m disappointed to hear this. A professional comedian, of either gender, should never feel bad because a joke they told happened to offend the person it’s about. People find schadenfreude incredibly funny, and thus most humour will involve a “victim” being ridiculed. The fact that Paris is a petulant little brat makes her the sort of person whose misfortune we all relish in. Can any of you deny you enjoyed hearing that the spoilt little skank was set to go to prison for something as trivial as a parole violation? If so, you’re either a liar, or a spoilt little skank yourself. If so…email me.



3 responses

19 07 2007

I am furious. Sarah told a joke – big deal. In case some idiots forgot, that’s her job, which she happens to be very good at. I love her!

19 07 2007
Mr President

I couldn’t agree more. Why she has to apologise for it, I don’t know…

20 07 2007
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