Wiki Wednesday – Tircoed forest village

18 07 2007

Tircoed forest village

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tircoed forest village is a fairly newly developed community near the village of Penllergaer, Swansea, Wales. The development was to be similar to Poundbury in Dorset, in line with Prince Charles‘s ideas of self contained communities to discourage use of the car. Development commenced in the late 1980s. The village is now purely residential. Plans by the developer to build a pub as well as shops have been met with great enthusiasm by the residents, resulting in the recent opening of a local shop located opposite the village hall. Bus services to and from the village include the ironically named Perfect Travel mini-bus; a sporadic service which doesn’t so much transport locals as leave them waiting in the rain for hours on end.

Although the residents associate themselves more with Penllergaer, the village itself is actually located in the Llangyfelach electoral ward of Swansea.

The village has its own local community radio station – Radio Tircoed.



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