Submission Sunday – Good News In Iraq?

15 07 2007

Remember on Wednesday I unveiled “Wiki Wednesday” and said I was looking to add some “theme days”? Well, the more observant of you will have noted I said theme days, plural, not singular, and will have been waiting with bated breath (yeah, right!) to see what other treats I had in store. Well, wonder no more! Today marks the first “Submission Sunday” where I welcome a submission from a guest blogger, with a different one every week. If you like what you see, be sure to visit their blog, and also, obviously, comment on their post. The most popular contributors will be invited back, and if they’re particularly popular, will be offered a permanent contributor slot on the blog. If you’d like to submit something, pop on by the “email” link at the top and let me know. Today’s submission comes from Andy D, at Political Friends:

Good News in Iraq?

Democrats, and some Republicans, are once again pushing the President to withdraw from Iraq. The President’s opponents say we are in a civil war, that we shouldn’t be sacrificing our soldiers, when we should be fighting Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. There are a few important things that seem to be quietly being brushed aside, while some clamor for us to leave the democratically elected government in Iraq to their own fate.

First, there is actually good news out of Iraq. Take, for example, this headline pulled from Fox News: Iraqi Forces Ready to Take Over Security in Basra From Britain, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki Says. British forces are going to hand over security in this region to the Iraqis in September. Al-Maliki is quoted in the article as saying that Iraqi forces are already handling security in the area, with British forces acting as reinforcement when needed.

Secondly, the majority of fighting is now American and Iraqi forces against Al-Qaeda and Iranian proxies. If there ever was a true civil war, it seems to have played itself out. Some of the “atrocities” our forces have been accused of in Iraq are now beginning to be reexamined. For example, another headline from Fox News: Marine Investigator Recommends Dropping Charges in Haditha Killings. Al-Qaeda spokesmen have even said that they now consider the fight in Iraq as the central battleground in their war against the West. If our enemies consider Iraq the central front, why would we even consider simply giving it to them?

Is there anyone who doubts that our military can beat any force on the planet, given time? If we should leave prematurely from Iraq, the violence and bloodshed will make anything Americans have seen up until now pale in comparison. Imagine an Al-Qaeda controlled Iraq. Detractors of our war effort claim that the war in Iraq has created more terrorists. Imagine an Al-Qaeda that can claim a victory in Iraq against the greatest military on the planet. Osama bin Laden has always understood that people will naturally bet on a strong horse. If a would-be terrorist surveys a world where Al-Qaeda has defeated America, which horse would he bet on?

Finally, we owe our allies our protection. The United States toppled the Saddam regime. Voters in Iraq risked their life to elect the government that is now in place. If we abandon our allies now, why would any future ally believe we would stand with them? And if we ever need help from our allies, what would we want them to do? Would we want them to stick with us when the going got tough, or would we want them to leave us holding the bag when the opposition party turned fickle?



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