What Country Am I?

13 07 2007

Ever wondered what country you are? No? Well, you should.

Your country is 34 concerned with morals, 50 prosperous, 60 liberal, and 63 aggressive!
You are a massive, sprawling country that has some issues with its neighbors. As a whole, you’re doing OK in the economy department. Work on consolidating your life and toning down that curry. For your information, the possible countries in this test include: Haiti, North Korea, Albania, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, India, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Libya, Tanzania, East Timor, Lithuania, Indonesia, Iran, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Germany, or the United States of America.

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people’s:

Higher than 14% on morals
Higher than 23% on prosperity
Higher than 67% on liberalness
Higher than 92% on aggression
Link: The What country are you? Test written by cactusoftheeast on Ok Cupid



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