Get The Hell Out Of Here

12 07 2007

An Australian Catholic school has refused to admit a 5 year old boy because his surname was Hell. The name is Austrian in origin and means “bright” in German. I would have thought that any school would be jumping at the chance to have a student with the name “bright”, it has got to be some sort of omen, hasn’t it? To be honest, to justify this sort of attitude on the grounds that with that name he was always going to get bullied (which I accept, as it was clearly going on in his non-religious state school) and thus that it’s in the best interests of the child to change it (which is more debatable) is missing the point; since when do schools get to decide what we name our children? I don’t see schools rushing to criticise celebrities for naming their child “Heavenly Hirani” and “Moon Unit”.

Out of context this might seem like yet more Catholic-bashing by the media but let’s face it, the Catholic Church does a good enough job of bashing itself to not really need any help. Catholicism is not the only religion that’s stuck in the Dark Ages, but they are the most belligerent of the bunch, refusing to accept simple facts of modern life, like gay marriage, contraception and abortion, in the name of God, all whilst their priests are busy molesting children.



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