A Media Hero

10 07 2007

We often talk about the soldiers on the front line out in the Middle East. Perhaps even more frequently we talk about the civilian casualties, the collateral damage that the right accept as a necessary part of any war, and the left use to criticise the entire concept of war. What we perhaps do not hear about nearly enough is the media out there on the front line. I don’t always agree with the slant of their reporting, and I stand by the idea that the media, like anyone, has its own bias, but I must applaud some of their efforts in bringing us footage of events in many wartorn countries. Today, I came across the story of a Reuters cameraman who, still having a piece of rocket shrapnel in his leg from a Hezbollah guerilla attack, continues to film in the region, putting aside the quite natural fear that anyone would feel, to bring us news. I urge you to read his story. Whatever your views on the Middle East, you have to salute people like that, heroes one and all.



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