Bye Bye Trojan

8 07 2007

It sounds like something out of a science fiction film. Remember all those films that came out before everyone knew what a virus was, when apparently all a virus ever did was bring up a black screen with scrolling text on it? How about when infected computers would talk to you in a Dalek-like voice and say “This computer has been infected” over and over? Well now, apparently, there is a talking Trojan, which wipes your hard drive while telling you what it’s doing. At least it apologises, and wishes you a nice day too. Polite things, those Trojans. What is fascinating is that, if you’ll recall, there was a time when your average malware was designed by tech geeks for a bit of fun, but as time has gone on, the threat is more to your bank balance. This one bucks the trend.



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9 07 2007
Currently Known As "PD"

as an engineer’s daughter, I find my PC being purged more than twice a month for viruses and such. The hacker’s thirst for trumping each other over the best virus is only matched by the experts’ paranoia in protecting their PCs and discovering them.

I’m so glad at least this one apologises…I’m sure it will leave people’s minds much more at ease knowing detail by detail what precisely they are wrecking in you hard drive…especially if you actually know what it it they’re saying.

9 07 2007
Mr President

Of course the remark about the apology was tongue-in-cheek, but you all knew that.

I’m glad you purge your system of malware regularly, I myself am immensely paranoid and do major checks weekly with less major checks daily. I’ve even been known to do more than one check for malware in a day. Unfortunately far too many people don’t even take the basic precautions and wonder why they get infected.

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