Live Earth: A Hypocritical Con

7 07 2007

Just like everything to do with the Global Warming crisis (as opposed to the only reasonable view that what we face, though it is Global Warming, is by no means a crisis) the Live Earth farce is a giant con. I see advertisements advertising new energy efficient household appliances every day. Why? So companies can make money by selling you things you already have. For generations businesses have all aimed for the Holy Grail; selling someone the same product twice. Noone ever thought people would be stupid enough to fall for it, but now they’ve found the perfect excuse to rope in some more suckers.

We hear about all these studies and people say “Wow, look, even these evil oil companies, companies who surely stand to lose billions if we all try to cut down carbon emissions, even they are admitting that it’s a problem”. And yet nobody actually checks to notice that it is these same oil companies (although, they do now prefer to be called “energy” companies) that fund these studies. For every dollar that is spent on the studies, even more is spent on R&D to come up with alternative fuels for which they can charge you a fortune, knowing that they’ve scared you enough with their pseudo-scientific studies and brainwashing.

Live Earth is a con because it’s yet another way to make money out of people by making them feel as if they are making a difference to a serious problem. In that respect it’s no different to Live 8, which did the same. People say the concept of these concerts is not to raise money, but to raise awareness. If that is true, why are the tickets not free? Surely you would raise more awareness by having even bigger concerts, playing to even more people? After all, what do you really need the money for, if it is not going to a charitable purpose? It is to line the pockets of record executives and artists, who will ask you to dig deep again, when they go on their own tours. After all, the money made from Live Earth is “for a good cause”, isn’t it? Aren’t you helping to really make a difference?

I know that at least one of my friends actually boycotted the Live Earth concert at Wembley today, saying that she would rather spend a bit more money, and see the artists at their own shows, than support Al Gore’s money-spinning con. Despite being a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, she was willing to miss out on the chance to see them play their first ever set at the new Wembley Stadium, and is instead taking a long trek up to Glasgow to see them later this year.

And I know for sure I’m not the only one who’s noted the hypocrisy in this. Even leading proponents of the Global Warming Crisis theory are criticising it now:

Critics say that flying rock stars in on aeroplanes and using a great deal of electricity to power several concerts sends out mixed messages about energy conservation.

Matt Bellamy talked about “Private jets for climate change” all the way back in April, and as you can see, in my blog article on the matter I said:

And now, the same hypocrites will be playing live concerts to promote awareness of being energy efficient. Because of course live gigs are so efficient in their energy use. Those lights, those huge amps and speakers, what will they power them on?

Only now everyone’s listening. Why? Because now Carbon Footprint, with their army of scientists, have spoken out? Isn’t that the problem in this entire mess, people believe anything they’re told, so long as they’re told it by a scientist, and to hell with common sense? In that case, enjoy:

“What would be great is if these pop stars – now they realise the damage we are all doing to the climate – look very carefully at their own actions and make some changes themselves,” said John Buckley, managing director of the organisation Carbon Footprint.

Referring to Madonna, he told Reuters: “If she made a change then it would be picked up.”

He calculated that the singer and her entourage emitted 444 tonnes of carbon dioxide on flights during last year’s Confessions tour, more than 40 times the annual output of the average Briton.

40 times. And that’s not counting the flights to Malawi to steal more babies.



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9 07 2007
drew phillips

“people believe what a scientist tells them” … I am guilty as charged – especially because 2000+ scientists tell me the same thing. I also find that what these scientists tell me IS common sense — if you throw filth into the air at the rate of 77 million tons a day, it will probably affect the air and since climate occurs in the air…

9 07 2007
Mr President

You’re wrong on so many levels:

Firstly, there’s a very subtle, but very important difference between “people believe what a scientist tells them” and “people believe anything a scientist tells them”. The point was I made the very same arguments against Live Earth that Carbon Footprint have now made, months ago.

Secondly, if you believe anything a scientist tells you, you’re naive. Largely because one of the basic tenets of science is that it can “prove” very few things, and you’ll note that the Climate Crisis Theory is still an unproven theory. There are actually more scientists who hold to the theory that the problem is not man-made and that our contribution is around 5%. Combined with the Geologists who are pretty unanimously opposed to the climate crisis theory, that outweighs your 2000 scientists quite easily.

What these scientists tell you isn’t common sense. Do the maths for the second, how old is the Earth? How long have humans existed? We go on about we’re having the hottest days on record but the key words are “on record”. For a long time we didn’t keep records, for even longer than that we weren’t even on the planet. We know climate change isn’t new as we know that it was a change in climate that killed off the dinosaurs.

In fact, the existence of humans as a distinct species traces its roots back to climate change as we were the species best able to adapt to climate change. Funny how we now complain about the very thing that made us exist. This is simply Darwinism in action. Geologists have been telling us that the exact same temperature spikes we’re seeing now existed before the Ice Age, but of course the experts you choose to believe are metereologists, whose records don’t go back that far.

What we’re talking about here is climate change on a grand scale, not tiny changes in regional climate. Metereologists are not best suited to studying this as their time-scale is too short, they can’t tell you what was happening millions of years ago. Also, just like you, they labour under the impression that planetary climate change occurs in the air. It doesn’t. The Earth’s surface (and undernearth) itself is warming, we know this, therefore I trust an expert geologist more than a metereologist who’s guessing.

Climate change is a natural part of any planet’s existence. Astro-physicists will tell you the same. In fact, barring metereologists, whose “science” is too inaccurate to be trustworthy (they are pseudo-scientists at best) the scientific community are pretty unanimously in favour of climate change being a natural phenomenon, contributed to slightly by humans.

I don’t deny that climate change is occuring. Only an idiot would say that. Equally, only an idiot would say that it’s a man-made issue when clearly the evidence says otherwise. Even you admit your entire theory is based upon “probable effects” on the air, whereas mine is based on definitive facts about the planet’s history. You’re wrong, but that’s your right.

Noone is saying we shouldn’t make changes if it’s economical to do so. So long as the cost-benefit analysis works out, I’m all in favour of small changes. I recycle newspaper and glass because it actually makes disposing of those products easier than using a bin, I use energy efficient lightbulbs because they last longer. However I’ll use my car to make journeys because I simply don’t have the time to walk. For a maximum of a 5% reduction in temperatures, to expect more would be too drastic.

9 07 2007

Can we please get someone in the mainstream media to stop following blindly and do their home work. Everone is tip toeing around the issue at hand and your readers do too. Great movements are based on righting a wrong i.e. racism, womens suffrage … not taking away peoples rights based on “feelings” not science. The people who do buy into all this crap claim to be intellectuals but they are the Catholic church of the middle ages. If you disagree with them and use logic and actual science as your reason then you are stupid and naive and worse yet need to be tied to the stake and be tortured. They can not explain there rational for the human element in global warming because they have “no” and I will repeat this and dare you to prove me wrong without cutsie sayings and greenpeace fake numbers but with true hard science “No” evidence. I am amazed with the arogance and the lack of any research by the media into the so called science behind this doomsday garbage, or the people who follow blindly. I had the opportunity to be at the research facilities at the South Pole a few years back and the schlock science that recieves grants is amazing, they base the studies on assumptions that no legitamate scientist would jump to and get the answers they want to support their premise. I do not deny the earth is warming but it is the utmost arrogance to presume that we have caused it. The scientific evidence is anything but convincing and the computer modeling is bogus. Meteorologist can’t even get a 7 day forecast right, yet they claim to have evaluated all the variables for the warming of the earth over decades.
Now I will dismiss the moron Al Gore and his ridiculus “do as I say not as I do mentality”. he has an electric bill and energy usage that would make any average middle class person cringe from the bill. He spends more on energy-fossil fuels in a year then most people make in ten years of hard work. He is like the fat guy who goes to the fast food joint and orders the triple cheese burger with bacon and super size fries and gets a diet coke and thinks he has made some sort of progress on his diet or by putting in a fluorecent bulb he has made a contribution to mankind oh sorry that’s not right humans do not come into this religion of global warming we are the evil destroyers of all that is good and should perish for the good of Ghia. He is a huge fraud and anyone with a brain can see it. The press love him and question nothing, I can’t see why such a huge scam is being foisted on the public without any legitimate debate and I would like to know the true agenda.

Please people listen to a voice of reason because I do not believe it is being put out to the general public. All I ask of people is do not follow blindly into the depths of this religious ideology. Do your own research check out the real facts and make your decisions based on the evidence that is available and do not use crap from the greenies or for that matter the nay sayers.

9 07 2007
Mr President

All I can say is…well said.

10 07 2007
Andy D

Wow, some really good arguments on here. I too believe global warming is occurring. I also believe man has little to do with it. There are more and more scientist disputing the man made global warming theories. There are some now predicting “global cooling”. I wonder what Mr. Gore will think of that.

While I admit I had more pressing things this weekend than watching the Live Earth concert (I had to clean the house, wash some cloths, and sit in my SUV for a few hours), did anyone see them giving advice on how to actually make a difference? All of the coverage seems to be talking about the politics. I haven’t heard anyone from the concert saying that there are ways for individuals to make a difference.

If man-made global warming is really a problem, shouldn’t the point be to make people change their habits? It seems all the environmentalist want is more legislation.

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