Gitmo Tribunals A Farce

6 07 2007

So, first they keep them detained without charge or trial, then when they hold the tribunals the detainees are tried without due process of law (after all, the rule of law applies to everyone equally, even enemy combatants), and finally, when someone who has seen the whole farce up close and personal dares to speak out about it, he’s criticised for not “understanding” the process. I’ve got no problem with certain human rights being suspended during the incarceration because of the unique security risk posed by these detainees. To give them the rights we afford the average prisoner would be naive, because they aren’t your average criminals. Terrorists, by their nature, are sophisticated and motivated, driven by a cause, and if they are willing to commit suicide for that goal, taking thousands of innocent lives along with them, who knows quite what they are capable of? However, throughout the period of their detainment in Camp X-Ray, I have maintained that they must be brought before a court in a timely fashion, and whilst a conventional trial might not be totally apt, they must be afforded the basic protections of the Rule Of Law. For us to fight a war for Democracy in Iraq whilst eroding the very foundations of our Democracy in Gitmo is hypocrisy, and undermines the soldiers who fight on the front line.



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