The “Islamic duty” To Condemn

3 07 2007

I have long said that Islam is actually a religion of peace. Ultimately all religions are. The very concept of worshipping a creator who made us all is fundamentally at odds with murdering people. In fact, every religion I know of has prohibitions against killing your fellow human being, including Islam. Anyone knows that the true enemy of civilisation is not Islam, but fundamentalism, in all its forms. Be it Christian fundamentalism or Islamic, it’s all the same, and it’s all the perversion of a belief system to create brainwashed people willing to do whatever in what they believe is the name of their God, when in truth it isn’t.

However, after the events of 9/11, the lines between Islam and Islamicists got blurred, and this was partly due to the normal sort of hysteria that follows such events, hysteria that lead to Sikhs being mistaken for Muslims and persecuted, despite having a long history of opposition to Islam, but also in part due to the lack of public condemnation that followed from Muslim leaders. Whenever there was condemnation it felt like lukewarm sentiment. This is why I wholeheartedly congratulate Muhammad Abdul Bari for issuing a condemnation of the Glasgow and London bombings that doesn’t just sound like hollow words. I particularly liked how he made it very clear that these people are enemies of Islam, not friends of it, and that these acts of barbarity are in no way justifiable.

Maybe that will shut up the left-wing apologists who blame us for Islamicism?



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