Forgotten Muse

2 07 2007

I recently heard someone on television talking about the Diana concert (which, quite frankly, was as pathetic as I expected it to be) who went on to say that it was the third major event to take place at the new Wembley Stadium. After the FA Cup final and George Michael. No mention of the Muse gig, despite the fact that unlike George Michael, they actually managed to sell the venue out. That seems like an utter joke as everyone I know has commented on what a farce the George Michael concert was. Even if the concert for Diana was yet more sanctification of a media-whore adulteress, who only used her charity work to further her own agenda and spin positive PR for herself, I can’t possibly argue that it was not a major event. Both Harry and William were present, as were some, albeit untalented, famous “artists”. Whatever my view on the event, it would be silly to claim it was insignificant.

And yet Muse, who are the first to sell out the venue for a concert, seem to have been completely overlooked by the media. Instead they seem to prefer to focus on a “major celebrity” like George Michael, the man who was arrested on drugs charges recently. He should have been locked up instead of performing in front of a small group of geriatrics in a virtually empty stadium. In fact I’m not sure it was a concert so much as a safety test, to make sure that if some debris was going to fall on a performer, it wouldn’t fall on the great Matt Bellamy, Rock God. It’s the only logical explantion for why he would be given the honour of opening the venue. Although considering the fact the stadium was over budget and late, it doesn’t seem as if logic applies to it. It’s a logic-free realm!



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