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29 06 2007

iPhoneToday could mark an Earth-shattering day in the history of technology. Or it could be yet another in a long line of flopped technologies that includes digital audio tapes, Virtual Reality, the Dreamcast, mini-discs (whatever happened to those being the future?), and Apple’s very own Lisa and Newton. This will not come as groundbreaking news to most of you reading this but today Apple’s iPhone went on sale for the very first time. Although the price tag has been criticised ($499 for the 4GB, $599 for the 8GB) this is hardly new territory for Apple whose products are often criticised for being overly expensive. The big question is, will Apple’s latest toy, the iPhone, be like Macs, and prove to be both pretty and pretty useless, or rather the iPod, which has pretty much revolutionised the entire culture of listening to your music?

From what I’ve seen and read it doesn’t seem to be anything other than an immensely gorgeous (and it is that, but then, so are Macs and they’re useless) smartphone, and not a particularly great one at that. Strip away the branding and the product has been criticised for slow download speeds, the inability to send instant messages, its overreliance on the touchscreen, the poor camera spec compared to its rivals, the fact it’s larger than most other smartphones on the market, doesn’t support 3G or even something as basic as choosing your own ringtone beyond the 25 presets, something even simple handsets allow you to do. It remains to be seen whether the iPhone will have Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson quaking in their boots or laughing until the cows come home.

Edit: For another perspective you might enjoy reading this.



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25 07 2007

Okay, it’s true. The iPhone is an unusual smartphone, and it lacks several important features (which, I’m pretty confident about that, will be implemented in a near future). But, please, don’t call Macs useless. I have one and I can’t stand using a Windows PC anymore. Windows is just… slow, and bulky, and… not usable (talking about Vista too).
Moreover, you’d be without pretty movies to watch at the cinema (like Cars, or The Incredibles, or any motion picture movie, what the heck, any other kind of movie you can think about). The whole graphics industry use Macs… ask them about Windows and they will laugh in your face.
That’s a personal opinion, but Macs aren’t useless to me, and so won’t the iPhone.

25 07 2007
Mr President

Firstly, allow me to say that I rate OS X highly (and you’re correct, Windows is a joke), it’s just it runs on computers that lack the power of their PC counterparts. OS X on a PC would rubbish any Mac on the market, but unfortunately Apple see there’s far too much money to be made ripping people off by selling them overpriced toy computers.

Secondly I said “pretty” useless. Yes, Macs have some rather nice uses when it comes to graphic and video editing, but the fact is, for 99.9% of people, a PC will prove to be more useful than a Mac, simply because it’s more powerful and quicker. And yes, I’ve timed a PC versus a Mac, and even with the wonder that is OS X, and accounting for XP’s mysterious lock ups, so long as it’s well-maintained, the PC is faster. Having said that, I’m tempted to go with a dual setup but Mac users who claim they’re better than PCs need shooting. No doubt you’ll say that the graphics industry will claim that Macs are better, but that’s because they value style over substance. You talk about modern movies (whilst citing two rubbish ones), yet one look at the modern movie industry would prove that it’s all about image over quality. The same goes for Macs.

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