Lost, Found, Lost Again.

28 06 2007

Police in Japan had a bike stolen from their custody not once, but twice. The bicycle had been stolen from a train station only to be dumped by the thieves, so the police decided to leave it where it had been dumped in the hopes that it might act as bait to lure out the unsuspecting thieves. This plan seemed to work when the bike was stolen again, but unfortunately for the Kasama police they lacked the manpower to keep 24 hour surveillance on the bike and as soon as the day shift went off duty (and presumably before the night shift came on) the bike was stolen again. Thankfully for the police they managed to locate the bike again, and following that old maxim “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”, they decided to try another stakeover. Sure enough, just hours later, the bike had disappeared again, only this time they’ve been unable to locate it, or the thieves. So there’s a poor 21 year old girl from Kasama just wanting her $146 bike back. Maybe she can ride me to make herself feel better? I’m game.



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