Death Becomes You

27 06 2007

Ever wondered how long you’re going to live? Don’t lie, I know you have, it’s only natural. Human beings spend our lives obsessed by death until we die, by which point it’s a bit late to start taking it easy. With every new sunrise comes another exotic and exciting way to pass off this mortal coil, and with that comes even more questions. Now it’s not “How long am I going to live?” but “Will I die peacefully or in pain?”. Why not save yourself a lot of soul searching? Find out exactly how long you’re going to live and what you’re going to die of. If only it were that easy, right? Well, thanks to new advances in technology, now it is!



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21 01 2008
Monday Meme - How Will You Die? « Textual Relations

[…] Meme – How Will You Die? 21 01 2008 As if helping people know when they will die (if you want to take the quiz yourself click here) but now we even tell you what […]

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