Attack Of The Killer Mobile Phones

26 06 2007

I’ve always been a big supporter of teachers rights, something I’ve even been very vocal about on here. These people put up with far too much from other people’s kids and but for them, our society would be even more illiterate and undereducated than it already is. More and more people are coming out of the school system without basic skills, and people are quick to blame the teachers, but what about the pupils themselves? They’re disruptive, largely down to the poor excuse for parenting they receive at home. Teachers can’t concentrate on educating if they’re spending all their time on discipline, an issue that should be taken care of by parents. but since too many people don’t raise their children properly, I fully agree teachers need more powers over discipline to substitute for the parents. Otherwise society goes to the dogs.

However, simply as a matter of fact, how does a mobile phone constitute an “offensive weapon“? Banning mobile phones from school premises somewhat defeats the point of given them to children in the first place. Presumably this is so that parents can remain in touch with their children in case of emergencies. Whatever my own views on whether teenagers should be given mobile phones at all, banning them from school premises would simply reinforce the idea of a mobile phone being a teenage fashion item. They’ll still have them, only they won’t need them for what they’re supposed to be used for, which will simply encourage more mindless “communication” between them and their friends. If you want to ban mobile phones in schools, go one step further and just ban teenagers (anyone under 18) from possessing a mobile phone, with a fine for parents if their children contravene this law.

Beyond that, though, there is the “small” matter of teachers so fragile that they can be “cyber-bullied”. The very sort of teachers who are shown being harassed and ridiculed on these videos are too soft, they’re part of this new generation of teachers who want to be friends with the students. Well, you’re not there to be their friend. As for pictures or videos of very attractive female teachers, what of it? When I went to school, I had loads of teachers who were sexy, and I spent more time thinking of things to do with them than studying. Should this offend their sensibilities? No, they should grow a pair (well, not literally, or that would cause an end to the attraction). It’s a normal part of school life, there’s nothing at all wrong with it. And no, it’s not sexual harassment. The very idea that it might be considered such is a sad indictment of a world gone PC-mad.



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27 06 2007

My sentiments exactly. Blogged about cell phone manners just last week since it is cell phone etiquite month.

28 06 2007
Mr President

Heh, really? Wow.

I just went to your blog and read your article. It’s a fantastic piece, well-written and I agree with every word of it. So let me take this opportunity to recommend it to any of my readers.

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