It’s Official; Death Is No Laughing Matter

25 06 2007

Or is it? A Texan sentenced to death for the murder of his two neighbours has been asking people to send him jokes, the best of which he plans to use as his final words during his execution tomorrow. Officials have said that although 39 year-old Patrick Knight will be allowed to tell his joke, none of the executioners will be allowed to laugh. But I ask, why not? If the death penalty serves as a deterrent (and I’m not sure it does) I fail to see quite how this effect would be diminished if the executioners laughed at the joke. In many ways you could say that perhaps seeing just how cold and calculating these people are with the machinery of death (at least most murderers are fuelled by emotion) would act as a greater deterrent. And it’s not as if laughing will somehow allow the man to re-offend from beyond the grave so what harm is there? None that I can see.



4 responses

26 06 2007

Any idea what joke he decided to use?

26 06 2007
Mr President

I wish I did. Technically I suppose he still has time as his execution is scheduled for today and don’t those things normally happen at midnight local time or is that just a movie thing?

26 06 2007

Why not? Uuuhhh… ‘cuz it’s friggin’ TEXAS!!!

26 06 2007
Mr President

Yeah, they do take that whole death penalty thing really seriously down there. Suppose it’s all the bloodlust that must arise from sleeping with your siblings.

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