Shocking News: Wars Kill People

22 06 2007

I’m sure you’ll be as shocked as I am to hear that a British soldier died in Basra today. Wars kill people? Wow, who knew? Now please, allow me to start by saying I mean no disrespect to his loved ones, nor do I mean to take away from the fact he sacrificed his life for his country, which is an incredibly noble thing to do, but why is it that every single casualty in the war in Iraq is treated as if it’s headline news? People die in wars, soldiers especially, it’s something they were aware of when they joined up, and for many instead of being a negative, they viewed it as a positive. We all have to die some day, in some ways perhaps an argument can be made that a soldier’s death, in the line of duty, serving others until his dying breath, is more noble than other ways to go. For some the idea of dying for a cause is why they signed up to serve. As for the families, although this in no way makes losing a loved one any easier, they can hardly say it came as a surprise that soldiers sometimes die. It’s why many families try to stop their loved ones from going to war.

My point is why do we all act so shocked and surprised when soldiers die? I can partly understand why we get that way over civilian casualties, although any idiot knows wars tend to cause a lot of collateral damage, and civilians will die too. People can say these deaths were “needless” but who’s to really say what deaths are needed and what ones aren’t? What about newborn babies who die within months of being born? Are those deaths needed? Ultimately isn’t the very same argument used to justify those deaths, the fact that life and death exist in balance, the same one that can be used to show that in truth no death is really needless? For people to be born, and to avoid overpopulation (a problem our planet already suffers from) , people must die. As for the whole argument that the war is illegal, I’d love to see which law requires any war to have UN backing. Immoral? Perhaps, you can make an argument either way, but illegal? No.



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23 06 2007
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24 06 2007

Parsing your argument from a logic standpoint, I have to agree with you.

24 06 2007
Mr President

Wow, I’m surprised. Given your political alignment (at least your blog seems to have a left-wing slant) I expected some vitriol but the point I was making was purely a logical one. And like you said, it’s hard to dispute.

You point out the illegality of Guatanamo Bay in your most recent blog article, and that’s something that’s irrefutable. If I sat here and spouted off right-wing rhetoric it wouldn’t change that fact, so I don’t.

It’s just so refreshing to encounter someone from the left (I myself am a moderate, although I perhaps lean more to the right) who has more to say than rhetoric, who looks at things logically, rather than simply insisting that partisanship trumps logic. Sadly I think you’re in a minority.

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