How Does This Affect Me?

21 06 2007

Violence in Somalia has claimed the lives of 10 people since Monday. Am I the only one who thinks “So what?”

It’s probably something wrong with me, or maybe it’s the fact that we hear so many horror stories on the news so regularly that we’ve become desensitised to violence and death but 10 people just doesn’t sound like that many. I know that it’s the fact that it’s in a wartorn country, I appreciate the significance of there being conflict in Somalia but in the bigger scheme of things it just doesn’t seem that important. Maybe it’s not me being desensitised, but rather an attitude of “How does this affect me?” which is creeping into society. Violence in Nigeria? That’s important, because we get oil from there. Violence in London? Naturally, as I live here. Violence in the US? Well, I have friends who live there. Violence in Somalia? Meh. I do realise how selfish that sounds, but c’est la vie.



5 responses

22 06 2007

It’s just more muslims killing muslims same thing different day.

26 06 2007

Bullshit. It’s a humanitarian crisis. We should care because we/them are part of the collective.

26 06 2007
Mr President

Crisis? 10 people? Let’s be realistic, it’s not quite at “crisis” stage. This isn’t Darfur. That was a humanitarian crisis.

Also I didn’t say we shouldn’t care. I simply said I don’t. My point, actually, was that I should care, after all, these are human beings dying, but why don’t I?

Collective? Jeez, you sound like a communist. People are individuals, there’s nothing “collective” about us. We’re rivals, not a community, and perhaps that’s why the death of other human beings is having no effect on me whatsoever.

In what way can you argue that we’re a “collective”? Apart from the fact we’re the same species we have nothing in common. Take a look at the animal kingdom and you’ll see that members of the same species don’t view themselves as part of a “collective”, and often kill each other for power. We’re no different.

12 07 2007

I sound like a communist. hahaha. You sound like an anti-social moron. The “collective” implies we’re intelligent enough to work together…which, the animal kingdom isn’t always gonna do…although some species are good at it. I mean…you HAVE read about the whole evolution thing right? Or are you one of those creation science bozos?

12 07 2007
Mr President

Evolution doesn’t stop greed and selfishness being the driving forces behind the human species. If this weren’t the case communism would work and capitalism would fail. The very concept of capitalism, which has stood the test of time, is based on the idea of competition with our fellow humans, not working together with them.

Intelligent enough to work together? That makes it sound like working together is a desirable goal, which it isn’t. For you to talk about the intelligence of the human species whilst being singularly unable to hold an argument without making ad hominem remarks is ironic. Thankfully I don’t need to descend to that level as I’m right, and you’r wrong. Your frustration proves it. If you’d like to back your points up with something more than rhetoric and insults at some point, feel free.

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