The Missing Lake

20 06 2007

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I wish the ground would just open up and swallow me whole”. Up until now I’d always thought that was just a saying, it had never really occured to me that tremors in the Earth’s surface might actually cause it to open up, taking us with it. If this theory about where the lake disappeared to is actually true, then it poses some very interesting questions. Could the world’s oceans one day suffer the same fate? And if so, would all that water draining down into the Earth’s core evaporate or would it actually put out the heat? What would actually happen if the Earth’s core was “put out”, so to speak? I’m not nearly scientific enough to answer them, and no doubt a physicist reading this might even think that the questions are a bit silly, but if you’re at all knowledgable about physics, feel free to leave me a comment.



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21 06 2007

I’m no physicist either. But this has happened before in the movies.

So what would happen if the core was “put out”? Easy! Send Hilary Swank inside a glorified flashlight down to the center of the Earth to set off some nukes!

Erm….we’re doomed.

21 06 2007
Mr President

Doomed I tell you!

So I guess you DON’T recommend that movie then?

26 06 2007
17 07 2007
El Sabio

The earth’s magnetic field would disappear and that would mean cooked humans. What do you say about that Al Gore?

17 07 2007
Mr President

Haha, well put. And is that really true? If the Earth’s core went cold it would no longer be magnetic? That’s interesting…

19 07 2007
El Sabio

Yes, it is true. No core, no more Aurora Borealis, and lots of dead people, etc.
The core is what makes the earth different from all other planets, it is what keep the earth from becoming like the moon. And by the way, the moon was once part of earth.

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