For Your A-Muse-ment

17 06 2007

A terrible pun, I know. Anyway, today’s post is a short one because I just got back from the Muse concert at Wembley Stadium (the real opening) and I’m far too tired to actually write anything sensible. In fact, more than likely the first draft of this will be complete gibberish as the grey matter is falling out of my ears. So I should probably brew some coffee and get ready for some serious editing. Actually, forget that, I’m far too lazy for that, so you’ll just have to make do with what I can scrawl down before I finally come down from the high and crawl into bed. What I will say is that the concert tonight was almost impossible to describe, words do not do it justice, but I will endeavour to do my best to do just that in tomorrow’s post, so stand by for a full and thorough review.



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20 01 2008
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[…] do this, and it changes, but ever since May it’s been Map Of The Problematique by Muse. I saw them at Wembley Stadium on the 17th of June last year, in a gig since proclaimed the Greatest Of All […]

5 05 2008
Monday Meme - Musical Mondays Returns « Textual Relations

[…] it was because back in June last year, at Wembley Stadium, El Presidente saw them live and during their live set, behind them […]

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