Happy Birthday

16 06 2007

Let me take this opportunity to wish the Queen a happy official birthday (albeit these are rather late wishes since the day is almost over). However I really must take issue with this year’s birthday honours. There’s no doubt Salman Rushdie is an outspoken man with the courage of his convictions and the strength to stand up for what he believes, even at risk to his own life. However the fact that that is seen as unusual is a sad indictment of our society. Too many people are cowards, but that doesn’t make Rushdie a hero, or a champion of free speech. Standing up for your beliefs is the least everyone should do, it’s no more or less than that. Continuing the theme, as much as I congratulate Beefy on the honour, I’m not sure quite how he has earnt it either. Of course, considering the ease with which the 2005 Ashes winning squad received honours, I suppose there’s no excuse for an icon of English cricket to be overlooked. Although perhaps people should remember that he was iconic for what he did off the field of play as much as what he did on it.

But Joe Cocker? Ryan Giggs? Teddy Sheringham? What have any of those done of note? Ryan Giggs has been a good player, no doubt, but never a great one. The fact he’s probably the best player to ever play for Wales has more to do with the crapness of Welsh footballers than it has his ability. Teddy Sheringham hasn’t won a major trophy with his country, is too busy sleeping with disgraced former beauty queens who are half his age (and racist, let’s not forget). Not to mention he has to be the most overrated player this country has ever produced. People go on about Beckham but Sheringham fits the bill more. And to think there was a time people dared to compare him with the great Dennis Bergkamp. Teddy’s not fit to be the mud on the bottom of one of Dennis’ old boots. It all comes down to what I was saying yesterday, we make heroes out of nobodies and treat heroes like they’re nobodies. Welcome to good old Blighty.



2 responses

16 06 2007
Rich Johnston

It’s mostly down to charity work, especially Botham.

18 06 2007
Mr President

To be fair, I can just about acknowledge Botham’s charity work but the others? I’m not sure Teddy Sheringham banging Danielle Lloyd quite qualifies as “help the aged” somehow.

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