Sarkozy brings sense back to France

11 06 2007

It’s so refreshing to see French politics returning from its socialist democratic insanity towards a more sensible approach again. The political mindset of the French has always been so interesting since they can go from the left side of the political spectrum to the right so quickly. I suppose it’s a result of not having the staunch partisanship that is practically in-built into the English and American political systems (multi-party systems by their nature tend to be less partisan).

The worry is that whenever they swing too far towards the left-wing, socialist end, it makes the rise of the likes of Jean-Marie Le Pen so much easier. In fact even left of centre parties tend to be too left wing for the extreme right, as we can see by the rise in the presence of the BNP under a New Labour-run UK. Any person who calls Tony Blair “left wing” belongs in a nuthouse and yet we still see the far right gaining a foothold in this country. And as if to confirm this, Sarkozy’s UMP managed to weaken the foothold of Le Pen’s National Front.

To be honest, I never thought the result of the French election was ever in much doubt. The socialists offered a pretty face (and yes, I definitely would) with little substance, having sold out her political principles in order to win (not too unlike Tony Blair then). Bayrou stood on too much of a centrist platform to develop enough “core” following from either right or left wings. Sarkozy was the only one standing on a principled platform that nonetheless had enough to appeal to most people. The world, as a whole, is largely shifting more towards the right, a trend begun by the United States, where Bush beat Gore on a moderately right-wing agenda and beat Kerry on a far-right one. I wonder if the current move towards the left in the US is short-lived or the start of a new trend.



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