Theme Park Madness

10 06 2007

Christian theme parks? Has the world gone mad? I cannot tell you just how sick I am of hearing about the latest insane notion put forward by the Christian fundamentalists in the United States. For all the furore surrounding Islamic fundamentalism the rise in extremism from other religions has largely gone unnoticed. It’s as if being a religious nut is the preserve of the Middle East, where in fact the truth is the rise in fundamentalism in Islam has coincided (I’ll leave it for you to decide which sparked which) with a sharp rise in right-wing fundamentalist Christianity. It’s almost like the Crusades have started up again. Fundamentalism is wrong, whether it be Islamic fundamentalists hating western liberal capitalism or Christians preaching a message of hate and intolerance towards abortions and homosexuality. It serves to divide not unite.



2 responses

11 06 2007

You are so right. Have you seen the documentary Jesus Camp? These people are scary.

11 06 2007
Mr President

They terrify me. Sometimes they can be just as scary as the Islamicists. Glad I’m not the only one who’s worried about them!

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