2012 Logo Debacle

7 06 2007

Speaking to BBC’s Inside Sport, Lord Sebastian Coe promised that the logo for the 2012 Olympics that he was planning to unveil this past Monday would be more than just a brand, it would a symbol for the ages of all that was great about modern London. Instead what he unveiled was something that has been pretty unanimously derided for looking like it was drawn up in about 5 minutes by a preschool toddler. At a time when the event’s organisers are being asked some harsh questions about whether things will be done on time, and at what expense, you have to wonder why $796,000 was invested (along with God knows how much time) to come up with something that looks like Lisa Simpson performing a lewd act I like to call the “Lewinsky”.

And now we’re being told that it’s no longer causing people to be sick simply for artistic reasons. Due to concerns that it may cause seizures, an animated version of the logo had to be pulled from the official site on Tuesday. You heard right, Tuesday, a day after the thing was unveiled. We’re told that the design was supposed to attract younger people with its graffiti style. Well, Lord Coe, to call that graffiti would be an insult to the art-form and as a young person, let me make it very clear that it’s hideous. For all the uproar caused by the Millennium Dome (and rightly so) at least it’s impressive to look at. When we bid for the 2012 Olympics we were told it would be an event we could all be proud of in future years. If we can’t even be proud of the logo what hope is there?



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