Carbomb in Iraq? What a shock!

5 06 2007

This, I’m sure, will be the one and only time I’ll ever use the Middle East Times as a source, but it’s where I first saw the story (no doubt by now it’s already been covered by more illustrious news organisations…they love stories like this) so it’s only right I credit them as the source. Who even knew there was a Middle East Times? Do they publish Danish cartoons? Or maybe they have topless models wearing veils on their faces on page three of the newspaper?

All jokes aside (and might I state at this point that I mean no offence to islamic readers, it’s merely humour, so please don’t fly a plane into my house) an Iraqi car bomb killed 15 people. It’s quite remarkable how we’re so used to violence in the region that the death of 15 people doesn’t actually seem that barbaric. Or perhaps it’s simply the fact that on September 11th the deathtoll was 200 times more severe. If you believe the media you’d swear that suicide bomb attacks were a rarity in the Middle East prior to the Dubya-lead invasion of Iraq but quite frankly that’s a load of bull. One glance at the situation in Israel where bombing has moved from cars to schoolbuses would refute that.

What gets overlooked in all this is that prior to that invasion, Iraq was a dictatorship. Who knows what kind of insurgency took place under his rule? Dictators, by and large, don’t like to publicise the fact that there are people in their country who dissent, and anyway, they tend to have a nasty habit of being overly paranoid and executing anyone who even looks at them funny. It’s only natural that in a democracy dissenters feel bolder. Does that mean that the Liberal dissenters would rather live in a dictatorship themselves. Oh wait, they already think they do, despite the fact they voted in an overwhelmingly Democratic congress and should secure the next Presidency too as the American public have shown themselves too stupid to pick the right person for the job.



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6 06 2007
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6 06 2007

What an ignorant rant. Why don’t you leave political writing to people who’ve done actual reading about it? You just embarrass yourself otherwise.

6 06 2007

And what kinda douche moderates comments? Oh, the same douche who doesn’t like to be told how ignorant he is.

6 06 2007
Mr President

In response to your first remark…reading about it. You mean like having studied Politics and topped my class? That sort of reading? Or the sort of reading about world affairs that a Lawyer with a masters degree would tend to do? That sort of reading? Don’t write off everyone who disagrees with you as ignorant, it smacks of arrogance.

I actually have something on top of that reading too, however. Since I actually know people from various countries in the middle east, including Iraq, I’ve gained a unique insight into the region. Of course everyone is subject to bias, but then the media is no different. We often miss out on vital facts because the media doesn’t deem them newsworthy. Editorial bias, in both directions (right or left-wing) distorts the views we receive.

Ignorance would consist of invading someone else’s blog and calling them ignorant and a douche, simply because they actually commented (politely, you’ll note) on your blog. Are you really that insecure about having your views challenged by someone?

It’s a little strange that for someone you’ve written off as igorant you’d choose to even visit my blog. You’ll notice that until now, I haven’t even visited your blog in a while. I said my piece, I don’t actually care what you think of me. Personally I think it’s a good idea to consider the source when I’m insulted by someone. It makes a big difference.

Secondly I moderate comments as an additional way to prevent spam. Or just outright abuse. I’ve never chosen not to approve a comment simply because I disagree with the view expressed. In your case, even though you chose to be abusive without any substance, I thought it would be telling to actually approve the remarks, because you show yourself up in them. You can call me ignorant because anyone reading your remarks will hopefully see who the truly ignorant person is.

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