Striptease School

10 05 2007

I wish I’d gone to school in Denmark. Not only are their girls rather hot but they also strip down and have lesbian love romps, rubbing baby oil on each other. Does life get any better than this? I particularly liked this bit:

The 18-year-old girls were only stopped from going further by teachers.

God I love girls who go all the way (or, well, would have if the teachers weren’t so homosexual). Stupid teachers. And all that for the best tables in the canteen at lunch time! I wonder what they’d do for straight A’s. Actually, on second thoughts, I don’t wish I’d gone to school in Denmark. I wish I was a teacher in Denmark! Headteacher would come to mean something completely different.

‘And anyway, the girls who did this didn’t win the competition because their performance was over the top.’

Over the top? How can you be over the top in a contest like that? Poor girls. Maybe they could console themselves by performing a re-enactment for me?



7 responses

28 05 2007

I want to audit those classes!!

1 06 2007
Pete White

Unfortunately I cant see that happening here in the UK – I think your right that we should be going to school in Denmark 😉

18 08 2007

I’m a chick, and BELIEVE ME, I like dudes without hesitation (except when they’re being idiots), but come on, who WOULDN’T wanna see that??? 😉

18 08 2007
Mr President

A girl who wants to see other girls strip? If you do the cooking, the washing and don’t mind putting out regularly you sound like the ideal woman. Insofar as that concept is even possible, naturally.

19 08 2007

Wow, “I do the cooking, I do the washing, and put out regularly”; I defy any girl to tell me they’ve received a better offer (please insert MASSIVE eyeroll)…

20 08 2007
Mr President

Women do all that for us, we fund their shoe habit. And pay for the new wardrobe every 6 months. I think it’s a fair trade.

20 08 2007

I’m gonna slowly recoil from this thread, before I get into a whole “women can work and have kids” bit..truthfully, maybe this is true for the most part, but it just don’t work for me, ’cause A: I’m not obsessed with shoes, and B: I can update my own wardrobe, as I’ll have plenty of cash rolling in from the drug deals, LONG after the brats are born…

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