Pro-choicers Are Inhuman

9 05 2007

At least according to the Pope we are. During his first visit to Brazil (in his position as Pope, that is), Pope Benedict XVI claimed “respect for life from the moment of conception until natural death [is] an integral requirement of human nature”. So naturally anyone who doesn’t believe life begins at conception must, logically, lack that integral requirement of human nature. And without an “integral” requirement of human nature, how can we claim to be human?

In yet another indication of the fact that the Catholic Church is out of touch with modern society, he claimed that the politicians in Mexico who had legalised abortion had effectively excommunicated themselves from the Catholic chuch. Forget about living a good life, it’s much more important to God that you oppose abortion. Does that mean people who staunchly believe that life begins at conception can lead terrible lives and still go to heaven? That’s probably just as well as most pro-lifers are pretty despicable people. Including the Pope.



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