Passing The Buck

8 05 2007

Continuing the trend of her Louisiana counterpart, and namesake, Kathleen Blanco, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat (unsurprisingly) has chosen to blame President Bush’s War on Iraq for the devastation caused by last week’s tornado disaster, failing to take responsibility for her own failures. In an equally shocking move, FEMA, who also blamed Bush after they bungled the post-Katrina recovery operations, have yet again decided to pass the buck. Of course the fact that they themselves were in dereliction of their duties, and yet again ill-prepared was nothing to do with their own inept organisation. It’s not like it’s their job to manage emergencies or anything…

Whatever your own partisan beliefs on Bush, or the war for that matter, anyone with intelligence surely recognises that FEMA were set up to deal with these sorts of events and have now twice been found wanting. In both cases the Governor, again, whose responsibility it is to be well-prepared (because let’s face it, a tornado in Kansas is hardly a surprising turn of events), and who just happens to be of the opposite political allegiance to the president, instead of putting their own electorate first and taking responsibility, it far too keen on using the opportunity to bash a political opponent for the benefit of their party.

If I was naive enough to believe in conspiracies I’d accuse the responsible parties of intentionally failing to adequately prepare just to allow them the platform to attack the President (and with the various Presidential candidates all beginning the early stages of campaigning…what a coincidence!) Of course people as upstanding as politicians would never do something like that…



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