Last Mass Shaking of Ass

4 05 2007

The Hammersmith Palais is one of my favourite ever concert venues. I’m not quite sure why anyone would call it “shabby”, but I don’t think anyone would deny that compared to the Apollo, The Astoria or the Brixton Academy it’s an incredibly unique venue. My personal all-time venue has to be The Astoria, it’s a tiny pit, making the atmosphere in the crowd an awesome experience, and the acoustics are quite astounding, but after that I’d take the Palais over anywhere else. Brixton’s beautiful, and sounds great, but the Palais has a bit more soul.

I am, therefore, really glad that the place got a good send off. Although I wish it wasn’t going at all, and I’d much rather someone was willing to invest in giving it a bit of a modernising overhaul, if it has to go (and it seemingly does) then I can think of few better acts than Groove Armada to give the old girl a proper knees-up as she bows out. The band are one of my favourites and it sounds like it was quite the night. As for ending the night on “I See You Baby”, what better way to say goodbye on a sad night than “a mass shaking of ass”.



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