The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution

29 04 2007

Is there a cooler name for a governmental body anywhere in the world? I think not! The council is Iran’s morality watchdog, and has instructed Iran’s Telecommunications Ministry to censor SMS and MMS messages for “immoral actions” and “social problems”. Censorship in Iran? I’m shocked.

Interestingly it puts into context some of my recent experiences on the internet. I’ve come across a lot of Iranian internet users, some of whom have been banned on internet forums for contravening the rules (or rather, not reading them and then unknowingly breaking them). The stock response has been “By what law do you ban me?” and “How can you stop me from speaking my mind?” Up until now I’ve found those comments to be a bit ridiculous but I suppose they do make sense in the backdrop of a regime of censorship.



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