A Unique Take On A Sex Change

26 04 2007

On Sunday, a London man decided to opt for a home-made solution to avoid expensive gender-realignment. In the middle of a crowded restaurant the as-yet unnamed man, between the ages of 30 and 40, took a kitchen knife and slashed his groin and wrists before repeatedly stabbing himself.

Owners of the restaurant, Zizzi, believe the incident had nothing to do with the restaurant itself. What I’d like to know is how they know it wasn’t a staged protest at the poor quality of the chorizo. I think it would certainly be an apt way to complain about bad sausage, no?

Apparently surgeons were unable to reattach the dismembered member.



4 responses

27 04 2007

You think he was upset with the bill??

30 04 2007
Mr President

Heh. Hadn’t even thought of that. Good point!

10 06 2007

So-called ‘sex change’ is not about cutting off your body parts but about identity and how the person feels her or himself in their body.

10 06 2007
Mr President

Obviously. The title was tongue-in-cheek.

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