Sick, shameless, greedy.

20 04 2007

That’s how I’d describe the people that would use the Virgina Tech massacre as a way to make money. I don’t blame the domain registrars, they’re just doing their job. However I do blame anyone who would try and use a tragedy to commit cyber-fraud, which can be the only logical explanation for wanting a domain like that. And I blame the sick people who thought to register the domains simply to cyber-squat and sell them on for a massive windfall. How they manage to sleep at night is beyond me. I know I wouldn’t be able to.

I respect greed, generally speaking. My stance is greed in a Capitalist society is what makes us successful, it’s what drives us, and ultimately it’s what evolves the human species. Scientific advances are backed by corporations, and those corporations look for a return on their money. Their greed is what fuels massive grants to scientists. Without their huge R&D budgets we wouldn’t be making leaps forward, and without those leaps forwards we’d be a stagnant species. And I believe in Capitalism, because I believe that ultimately human beings are driven by our greed, rather than our needs. This is why alternative systems of government have traditionally failed, and the two biggest Communist nations, Russia and now China, have embraced Capitalism with open arms. Money (certainly not love) does indeed, make the world go round.

However what price human decency? Generally I don’t believe principles to be above having a market value, like everything else. But basic human decency for innocent people who tragically and needlessly lost their lives? How much is that worth? What about compassion for the families? Got a price tag for that too? Personally speaking, I’m not sure there is a price I’d accept, but that’s at odds with my overarching life philosophy which is that everything, and everyone, ultimately has a price. Perhaps rather than being sick, shameless or greedy, these fools are merely cheap. I know it would definitely take more than a measly million to get me to sell out and cash in.



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26 01 2008
Textual Relations

[…] prices on Heath Ledger merchandise which is quite frankly disgusting. It’s very similar to those people who bought domain names and so forth to make a profit out of the Virginia Tech massacre. You do […]

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