Is Obama more stupid than Dubya?

18 04 2007

Quite possibly. Even Dubya would have enough sense not to utter this tripe. Comparing the worst massacre in the history of the United States, one in which 33 died, many of them young students, our future, to Imus’ relatively tame remarks is insanity, and incredibly disrespectful.

Imus didn’t even say anything that shocking, it’s the sort of remark that’s commonplace amongst guys at bars discussing sport. Anyone who believes racism is a thing of the past is deluding themselves. I’m not defending the remarks themselves but the reaction (or over-reaction) was puzzling, and now to have Obama comparing it to the Virginia Tech massacre?

I’m sure the parents of the students who died would be glad to hear that their tragedy is being compared to what were, lest we forget, just words. Whatever happened to sticks and stones? Or would Barack be wanting to teach the kids a new one? “Words from a shockjock might hurt my feelings but guns and bullets will only kill me.” Sounds like a Democratic Party motto.

It’s yet another case of Obama cashing in on his colour as a means to win an election. Which actually makes a mockery out of what Martin Luther King Jr fought for. People who feel it would be good for black rights to have Obama as President are wrong; a man who would so shamelessly use his race as an excuse for being an abysmal candidate would simply give the racists more ammunition against future black candidates.

Let us hope it never happens.



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19 04 2007

Hello 🙂 I’m browsing through blogs and I found yours. Just wanted to say that its interesting & compelled me to read & comment, I am not just going to be contrary for contraries sake. I listened to the mp3, because from the sound of your blog it sounded like Obama might have said some insensitive things.

After listening to the speech, I can’t say I see what you’re talking about. He used a transition to incorporate two issues that have been big in the news.

Virginia was surely a tragedy, but it does not change that there are other events to ponder & discuss going on in society.

He also talks about outsourcing jobs to other countries. He was giving a speech that touched on some of the things concerning us as a society right now, and pointed out examples of this. Depending on who you are and what your stance on issues are, then you might find one more interesting or important than one other.

I do not believe its fair to say that Obama was trying to belittle the tragedy of Virginia by talking about other political issues. He made his political speech while also acknowledging the loss of the people who died in Virginia.

What did he say that made you feel like he was belittling it?

19 04 2007
Mr President

Critique isn’t being contrary for contrary’s sake, and I welcome it. As it happens you’ve allowed me to clarify my stance. I understand that he was touching upon several issues, and I didn’t actually mean he was belitting the tragedy by discussing those other issues.

It was the way he chose to segue from one issue to another, using the common thread of “violence” that I didn’t approve of. It seemed to me as if he was suggesting the “verbal violence”, to borrow his phrase, of Imus’ remarks, was akin in any way to the physical violence at Virginia Tech.

Equally, using “violence” as a description for capitalism and market forces was not only a tactless segue, it’s a trite argument. It smacked of a man attempting to push his agenda, glossing over the tragedy with a few platitudes. It’s not really what he said, but how he said it, it’s a rather difficult thing to specify.

It also was rather telling he chose to say “Maybe nothing could be done”, cleverly side-stepping the gun-control issue that is now bound to be the major issue of partisanship at the next election. It was electioneering at its best and worst simultaneously.

23 04 2007

I suppose I do not mind as much the comparison that he made. As a leader, I don’t think you can really tell people that their problems should be ignored because there are worse things happening right now, if that makes sense. To tell the people offended about the Imus thing to grow up because there’s bigger stuff happening right now is something both you or I could say, but a leader has to pay attention to everyone’s trifles no matter how big or small. I think the fact that he is still “paying attention” to all the issues in his speeches is pretty important. Yes, Virginia Tech was a tragedy, but I don’t think it changes that defamation of women & minorities that I also considered violence. Perhaps he could have been more sensitive but I’m ok with the speech as it was.

Also, I don’t think this is a gun-control issue. This was a deeply disturbed young man who slipped through the cracks. The Gun-Control laws in Virginia state that he should NOT have been able to get that fire arm. But the information sharing between the police, and the school, and the state was so poor that none of the pertinent information was on his record, or background check. This incident was a tragedy, but gun control laws are not to blame.

If anything there should be government funded programs to help schools & other public institutions have the equipment they need to detect guns before they even get on the campus.

Also, I think every teacher should have a tranquilizer gun.

🙂 You definitely articulate your points well, I think I’m just less sensitive to stuff like that.

23 04 2007
Mr President

No, of course, a leader, or in this case a potential leader, has to show that they’re in touch with the various issues affecting society. Perhaps I should attribute the blame to his speech-writers rather than him, but the tone of the speech was my concern more than the content. The language seemed to me to be poorly thought through.

However this isn’t out of character for Obama, so I’m not sure it’s merely me being sensitive. His comments about the Australian troop deployment in Iraq (or rather his hinting at a lack thereof) was seen as incredibly offensive by my Australian friends, even those who don’t support their involvement in the war. I heard him described as a “young fool with an insecure grasp on the importance of his allies”

Initially I had quite an open mind towards him, particularly as I thought that anything keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House could only be a good thing. Unfortunately through the campaign he’s made me realise why the only sane choice at the next election must be Republican (Giuliani or McCain would be fine choices).

Allow me to clarify my point about gun-control. I’m well aware that this was an incident of someone slipping through the cracks, and I wasn’t suggesting at all that more gun laws would have solved the problem. Believe me, I know that he shouldn’t have been able to get hold of a weapon even under existing laws. My point was that there is a serious debate going on as to the issue of gun laws, and Obama seemed to be side-stepping it rather than actually having the courage to actually put forward an opinion.

I’d agree wholeheartedly with tranquiliser guns, and furthermore I’m not even sure that the issue is best solved by preventing people with weapons doing harm. By that point it’s too late. What we need to be doing is trying to train educational staff to be aware of a troubled youngster before they get to the point where they’re a gun-toting maniac. True, metal detectors and armed teachers might have lessened the damage, but it should never have escalated to that point.

4 05 2007

I appreciate your level-headed approach to the small comment discussion we’ve had 🙂

4 05 2007
Mr President

Well, despite seeming quite partisan (I’m sure I must do) on the blog in general, I’m actually a moderate. My personal political philsophy is quite Libertarian and I’m always open-minded to the Democrats. Personally I quite liked Bill Clinton, it’s his wife (who’s more left-wing) that gives me a scare.

Not to mention I would have probably voted Gore over Dubya if I was American. Since Gore stood, however, the Democrats haven’t put up a viable candidate, in my humble view.

1 02 2008
Power Trio? « Textual Relations

[…] meanwhile, aside from being stupid, is a populist, who will say whatever will get him elected rather than advocate a consistent […]

4 03 2008

I am in agreement that the Democrats do not have a viable candidate in the race for the White House. As an African American I am voting GOP. I would love to see both a woman and an African American (with slave-lineage not a first generation) as president.

Many African Americans are jumping on the Obamawagon because he’s black, forgetting their lineage and what paid for by our ancestry which Obama is NOT a part of. Many are rooting for Hillary simply because she is a woman. While she is a much better candidate than the slogan toting Obama, neither are a good choice.

Eventually I expect Obama to fall and when he does I hope he will take Oprah with him.

4 03 2008
Mr President

Thank God someone else sees that voting for Obama because he’s black or Hillary because she’s a woman makes no sense.

Quite simply neither of them has a decent set of policies. In particularly their healthcare plans seem intent on dragging the US system down the same path we went down with the NHS. Trust me, that is not good.

The NHS is awful, the American system of healthcare is a million times better and many of us wish we’d follow your example. It all sounds nice in theory but never works out in practice. Universal healthcare for all ends up becoming substandard healthcare for all. Who wants that?

19 08 2008

Yes. Obama made it through Harvard Law School Magna Cum Laude because he’s stupid. Unlike John McCain, who barely graduated and was a near failure as a pilot. Morons.

19 08 2008
Mr President

I could point out the fact that the comparison in the title (to which you are clearly alluding) was to Bush, not McCain, and use this to throw around personal insults in retort to you calling me a “moron”.

I could even point out the fact that clearly I’m not actually suggesting he’s stupid, but rather that his remarks were poorly thought through.

I could point out that making it through any law school isn’t particularly hard and that actually Harvard is easier than most.

Doing well at Harvard has little to do with intellect and a lot to do with networking and status. Oh, and I’m a lawyer myself and have a 168 IQ, so I’m in no way envious of, or intimidated by, Obama’s intellect.

I won’t do any of that because I like to respect first-time readers. Even if they are patently wrong and going to vote for the worst candidate in the history of the United States. Please come again soon. Thanks.

26 08 2008

I am not so sure “stupid” was the correct term to use in the argument you presented. Perhaps a better word would be lacking in tact, or maybe rash. Although i see your point, i dont really agree because i feel that it all does relate on one level or another to violence in the sense of harm. The victims of virginia tech were harmed, but harmful words should not be excluded from the category just because they are less severe. Although it does seem silly to link violence to so many conversation pieces in a speech, but i have a hard time believing the average american could keep up with a speech of many topics, without a common thread that is. Due to our lack of education and overall intelligence, especially due to the wonderful media and eduation system. So to an educated person it may seem silly, but if you look deeper that may be the reason. Just my thought really. Also to save you typing, listing your accomplishments online has about as much credence as a store bought black belt. No one will ever believe you so its a waste of time. I do enjoy your agrument though, and i very much so dislike when people have to insult instead of debate like our poor representative of obama, james did.

17 10 2008

Obama is as dumb as Bush II. They say “Don’t mess with Texas… its not nice to make fun of retards”

…and if your energy policy includes airing up tires and tune ups, then you go and say that there are 57 states in the USA, then you are a retard. Or worse.

19 10 2008

obama is stoupider than he looks like

19 10 2008

why people in florida vote for obama? what is so good about obama. he
dosent do anything usept winning. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is stopider than dubya oohhhhhhhh yes he is

16 11 2008

Obammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You tight thing can tax my body any time you likes.

21 02 2009
Mad Bluebird

Barack Obama americas second elected dictator and im getting so tired of seeing his ugly mug everywhere i look its like their making some freaking god out of him

8 03 2009

I agree with you.
Would you like to exhange blogroll links with me?

25 08 2009

I will have to say George Bush was def. a better president and got more trash than he really should have. Atleast when bush was our president we were only 3 trillian dollars in debt. Obama has put us 14 trillian + and going up everyday in debt in only a few months. His own democratic party is even turning on him because of his forceful will to pass this idiotic Health Care bill, his poor stimulus packages, his very very ignorant comments towards certain people such as the Cambridge police officer. Lets just say he puts his foot in his mouth quite often. Im not a racist before someone starts that up again. I have no problem with having an African American president but not when the only reason he is president is because he is an African American. He promised change and he has surely done that, a change for the worst. He is spending money poorly he has completely destroyed a very large amount of jobs in america when he promises more and says things are picking up. Im not even sure if he lives in america? Because if he did he would see that is def. not the case. Obama is more of a celeb than a president. I mean come obama shoes, shirts, golden collector plates. Obama/Martin Luther king shirts? Where is the relevance in that at all? Martin Luther and Obama are nothing alike. Dr. King actually brought on a change a great change and stood against racism and was actually an african american. Obama is not an african american only part and he is somewhat of a racists and anyone who actually gets the facts and understands anything about politics also notice this. Obama is drowning himself more and more everyday and he wants the goverment to have complete control of this country. America was once the greatest country in the world and now everyone is laughing at us. The people need to take back this country.

As for George yes he did make some poor mistakes but you must ask yourself what would you do if your spy network told you the president that someone had Weapons of mass distruction and were possibly going to use them? Would you sit back and just risk the entire country and hope they didnt have them? Or would you do what you the president of the USA is suppose to do protect our country? This brings me to my next point of the entire hurricane Katrina ordeal. George Bush does not have some sort of Hurricane creating machine and guided it directly toward New Orleans as Kanye West would like to beleive. The people of New Orleans were told to evacuate due to the massive size of the storm. After it hit and people died all of the sudden george bush was racist and wanted the black people today? This is not relevant. The people of N.O. were warned and told what to do. George Bush is not F.E.M.A it is FEMA’s fault for doing the poor job they did. The war in IRAQ was not entirely a bad thing but I will admit was going on for way to long. America restored some insanity to that country, which shows the USA does not only look out for themselves but for others too. George Bush did stand for this country in a proper way and was treated with racism by a majority of the african american community which was unfair towards him just because he wanted people to get up and get a job and fix the economy and look at it now no one can work. I am not a racists and I beleive in equal rights, racism is very stupid and can destroy a country. People need to stop worrying about skin color and worry about where we live.

Now that I have pretty much written a book I like this blog congratz. Hang in there america

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