Oops she’s doing it again…

16 04 2007

She’d probably hate the Britney reference, considering they’re apparently no longer friends, but being entirely honest I don’t care one iota. The world’s most famous babysnatcher is at it again. Madonna is heading to Malawi again but she insists it’s not to adopt another baby.

“She is overseeing the building of a children’s healthcare centre,” her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said. “She is absolutely not adopting another baby.”

Having said that, didn’t she also claim she had the father’s permission to adopt his child, a claim he’s strenuously denied ever since? People can believe whoever they want but I prefer to place my trust in cold hard facts. Madonna’s worth a fortune, and her reputation is very important to her, and her career, so if Banda’s claims were false, why didn’t Madonna simply file a lawsuit for defamation? Not for any damages, but rather in order to get an injunction preventing any further defamation and thus protect her reputation. Many celebrities file defamation actions not for damages (let’s face it, even in the event of large damages it hardly makes much difference to these multimillionaires) but out of principle.

However she didn’t, which suggests she has no truth to back up her claims. When you add to that the claims of workers at the orphanage, it makes it much harder to believe a word she says. She claims on one hand not to have known much about his father’s role in his life, and yet claims she had face-to-face permission to adopt his son. Does she really believe anyone is stupid enough to think he wouldn’t have mentioned how often he sees his son during this alleged meeting? Much more likely is that it never took place.

Her comments on Newsnight last year infuriated me. She wants to “experience David for a while and see how it works out”. Firstly the use of the word “experience” is tacky, he’s not a theme park attraction, he’s a child. You don’t experience a child, you raise them, you love them and nurture them. Secondly for her to talk of experiencing him “for a while” just sounds like he’s a toy, a plaything to toss aside when she’s bored. It sounds to me like she’s saying that once she’s bored of David she’ll adopt a new plaything to spoil. Children aren’t a fashion accessory Madge. I would’ve thought a woman who already had two children would realise that, but clearly not. One can only imagine what their upbringing was like. Feel sorry for them when they’re old enough to know all about their mum’s infamous career and that book.



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26 04 2008
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