“Private jets for climate change”

14 04 2007

I’ll make it clear at the outset that I don’t buy the theory (and yes, that’s what it is) that Global Warming is a man-made problem, and actually subscribe to the theory (which has more scientific basis, lest we forget) that the rising CO2 levels are caused by rising temperature, not the other way around. Does cutting down trees help exacerbate the problem? Yes. Does industrial output of CO2 make matters worse? Of course, only an idiot would argue otherwise. Is being energy-efficient going to end Global Warming? No, it’s a natural phenomenon that will occur no matter what we do. Or at least that’s my belief, because I’d hate to do what the “other side” has been guilty of all along in this debate. They insist there is no debate, and if you try and argue other possibilities the response is usually disrespectful and patronising. What makes that position even more laughable is the lack of conclusive evidence either way.

Moving on, the point of this post isn’t to discuss Global Warming. I maintain the debate is still raging over its exact causes, and I have no problem with people believing that it’s a man-made problem. The case is still open, and there is certainly correlation between CO2 and warming, it’s merely a case of the old question; chicken or the egg? No, my gripe is with these persistent bloody concerts to “solve” the world’s problems. Live Aid was fine, it was different, nothing like that had ever been attempted before, and although it was a failure (have we ended famine or world hunger? Exactly), the bold attempt was itself worthy of recognition. But Live 8 was simply ridiculous, nothing more than an exercise in felating egos of certain rock stars and making them feel important. Has debt in the developing world gone? Has it even decreased? Will it ever? No, because it’s a result of Capitalism. I hate people who are happy to enjoy the fruits of Capitalism (and let’s face it, would any of those musicians be making the vast fortunes they do if it weren’t for Capitalism?) and yet, at least in public, act incensed at the results of their own greed.

And now we have Live Earth (can noone come up with original name at least?). The concept is as hackneyed as the name and even more hypocritical than Live 8. At Live 8 the performers all walked away with goody bags with goodies worth a sizeable chunk, and yet were doing it for charity. Few, if any, donated vast sums of their own money to alleviate the problem. It’s all good and well saying it wasn’t about money, it was about awareness, but how on Earth can debt be about anything but money? Famine can be “tackled” by awareness, perhaps, maybe even Global Warming, but debt? Bono’s personal fortune could probably wipe out a large chunk of debt in the developing world. I didn’t see him dip into his wallet. And now, the same hypocrites will be playing live concerts to promote awareness of being energy efficient. Because of course live gigs are so efficient in their energy use. Those lights, those huge amps and speakers, what will they power them on? My biggest disappointment is that I hear Fall Out Boy are jumping on the political bandwagon. Shame on you Pete, please for God’s sake don’t let Bono steal your soul!

Speaking of which, does anyone else think Bono is a vampire, keeping his “career” alive by sucking the lifeblood out of young bands and musicians? He rallies them all to his cause and they become rubbish. Green Day and Linkin Park are two fine examples of bands that have followed U2 down the “political music” path and ended up releasing substandard albums. Thankfully not all bands are that stupid. The ever-intelligent Matt Bellamy, a man who has always come across as a mightily philosophical guy in interviews recognises the hypocrisy in “Private jets for climate change”. There’s nothing worse than musicians who are too afraid to speak their own minds for fear of upsetting the apple-cart. When was the last time you heard a major band come out in support of Bush, Blair or the War on Terror? I refuse to believe they can all be that stupid, so the only explanation is that they’re keeping quiet for fear of a backlash from the fans, or rather the naive teenagers who buy their records and believe everything they read and hear in the liberal-biased media. It’s a shame…so good on you Matt!



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