So that’s what happened to Michael Jackson!

11 04 2007

Professional It-girl (that’s “it” girl, not I-T girl, for all you computer geeks out there who need to get out more) Tara Palmer- Tomkinson reckons we’ll all be able to tell if she starts doing coke again; because her new nose will fall off. This got me thinking, because as you know I can’t read a news story without getting to the very bottom of it (the real bottom, not the bottom those phoney media outlets would have you believe).

Can’t really blame them though, they’re all run by The Jews. Not jews, no, The Jews, it’s got something to do with Zionists and The Matrix or something. What Keano Reaves has to do with anything I don’t know. But I digress. As I said, I was thinking, considering we all know (roughly) how many nose jobs Whacko Jacko’s had, does this mean he has a secret coke addiction? Maybe this is the long-awaited end to the War On Drugs. All we need to do is circulate pictures like the one on the left with the caption “Kids, don’t do drugs, or you’ll end up like him. Or licking him.” That would certainly put me off…



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