Come on baby wipe my file.

10 04 2007

Fans of Jim Morrison have petitioned for his 1969 conviction for exposing himself live on stage to be pardoned. In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter, the man’s dead and if it gives his fans some solace to think of him as a pure and chaste man then I suppose we should allow them that delusion. Of course the rest of us will always know Morrison as anything but, and speaking as a fan, I think that only serves to make his legacy even greater.

Any true fan of the man should appreciate the fact that his act, whether it was merely simulated or not, was designed to flout authority. As such he’d hate the idea of using the system to clear his name, quite simply because I’m sure he wouldn’t want his name cleared. The act, and the ensuing legal battle, including the appeal, were Morrison’s way to challenge conformity, conservativism and traditional values. I’m sure he wasn’t ashamed, and nor should he be. It’s only a shame not all of his fans feel the same way.



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