A hole in 102.

9 04 2007

A California woman has become the oldest golfer to ever get a hole in one. At the ripe old age of 102. What’s more, despite playing since her 20s it was the first time she’d ever achieved the feat. Congratulations to Elsie, but my question is what do centegenarians really do for society? Besides getting hole in ones they’re also taking out incredibly risky mortgages which actually threaten to plunge our stock markets into peril and with many receiving state pensions, they’re a drain on welfare systems that are already bursting at the seams under the increasing pressure of an influx of illegal immigration. Do we really need them? With current medical standards constantly improving, the average life expectancy is going up every year, and eventually we’re going to end up with an overpopulation problem. The solutions are either stop people having kids (and a licensing scheme to ensure imbeciles can’t procreate would only be a good thing in my book) or bump off old people. Just to be on the safe side might I recommend we do both? It can only be a good thing.



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