Cockpit cursing

8 04 2007

In an era where most people know what frottage is, the word “cockpit” could be thought of as a vulgar euphemism for a sexual act. The behaviour of one US pilot does little to dispel the idea that the “cockpit” is little more than a den of iniquity.We all know how excited the ladies get when those smooth charming voices come over (no pun intended) the PA system. Personally I’ve never trusted anyone who sounds that good. It’s like the men who voiceover commercials or movie trailers. Liars the lot of them.

However, in his defence, how do we know he wasn’t merely trying to get out the word “cockpit” and choked on a pretzel? And of all the things to cancel a flight over, swearing? I’m amazed there wasn’t more swearing from the passengers once they found out that a few curse words had delayed their travel plans. Has the world really come to this? Can people no longer just deal with foul language as an expression of one’s feelings? It’s worrying to think that modern society can be felled by something as simple as a four-letter epithet.



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