Wash your mouth out

6 04 2007

Ever wondered what’s in that strange mouth rinse you get at the dentists? Well the patients of one UK dentist probably didn’t really want to know the truth. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “potty mouth” doesn’t it?

What I don’t understand is what on Earth possessed the man to do it? What, did he wake up one morning and decide to start peeing in the sink? Was the line for the bathroom really that long? It just defies all common sense. Not washing your hands is one thing, it’s a sign of laziness but it’s not downright insane. Lots of people forget to wash their hands. They’re disgusting individuals and hopefully not too many of them practice in the medical profession (but one never knows with medics. Never have trusted them) but their behaviour is hardly out of the ordinary. Urinating in the sink definitely is.

Does he pee in his kitchen sink? Who knows, maybe it helps get those tough dried on bits of food off. Maybe Fairy Liquid should come with a tiny capsule of man-urine. Perhaps, instead of being vilified, Mr Hutchinson should be lauded for advances in the field of dentistry. It may help remove plaque for all you know! I can just see it now, “Listine, now with 50% more urine”. It would certainly explain that strange taste. Not to mention the colour…



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