You what?!

3 04 2007

Am I the only one who thinks acts of Terrorism are not merely murder, and should not be seen as such by courts? Surely I cannot be the only right thinking member of society? Does anyone with a brain cell in their head think that bumping off an elderly relative to inherit from their will is equally as bad as plotting to massacre thousands of innocent people for no reason other than bigoted zealotry? Personally speaking I’m not even sure that bumping off the elderly to inherit should be punishable as a crime at all, we should applaud that sort of drive and ambition. No wonder the UK lags behind the US, they laud greed while we criminalise it.

This has to be the most ridiculous appeal I’ve read in a while. A man pleads guilty to plotting Terrorist attacks. Yes, admittedly, he didn’t actually commit any, and for that we should be grateful. Does that stop him being a harm to society? No. Does that make his crime tantamount to someone plotting to do away their cheating spouse but never managing to actually fulfil the conspiracy? Of course bloody not. Yet again that’s an act we should encourage instead of creating a society where it’s ok for weak women to stay with their cheating partners. I say if you’re not willing to shoot someone who cheats on you, you deserve to be shot yourself. Would an elderly man be less capable of plotting and conspiring to blow up the western world? No, neither Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden are particularly young now, are they?

To say that Mr Barot’s crimes would have attracted a shorter term “in other circumstances” is a bit daft really. These aren’t “other circumstances”, they’re the facts as they exist, and any sentencing has to take into account any mitigating factors, but also any aggrevating ones. I’d say plotting to commit mass murder, particularly on that sort of scale, killing thousands of people indiscriminantly, rather than merely conspiring to kill one person is a massive aggrevating factor. I’m only sorry we can’t sentence the monster to death.



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