2 04 2007

Today I received a notification that a piece of software had an update ready, and the usual question of whether I wanted to install it now. Naturally, since I wasn’t doing anything particularly urgent, I thought, why not? The update took an age during which I was practically unable to do anything else which caused a great deal of annoyance. Although what I was doing wasn’t urgent, I would rather have done it, finished up, and then installed the update if I’d known it was going to take so long! Why can’t software manufacturers simply add an additional warning to their larger updates? I mean, after all, they know just how many changes each update actually makes and therefore can assess which updates will take longer and which ones will be done quicker. It’s no different to the many installation packages for new software that say “This process may take several minutes, please be patient” or words to similar effect. Would it really be that difficult to do the same for updates? Would it hell.



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