Like father, like daughter.

28 03 2007

Steve Irwin was a media whore. It’s been long enough since the attention-seeking crackpot got spiked in the heart by a Stingray for me to point out the bleeding obvious, something that got missed amongst all the faux tributes that sprung up when he died. It was almost as if years of teasing wild animals into attacking him didn’t prepare people for the possibility that one day nature might have the last laugh. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not particularly green or environmental, I don’t campaign for animal rights or do any hippie-weirdo stuff like that. I leave that to the treehugging whackjobs. However I did appreciate the delicious irony of him finally getting his comeuppance at the hands of one of the many creatures he took advantage of in order to procure worldwide fame.

Contrary to what people claimed when he died, he wasn’t a great naturalist with a love and affinity for animals. He was a fame-obsessed cretin, a bogan who got lucky and decided these wild creatures were a great meal ticket. And to be fair to him, for the best part of his life, they were. They allowed him to become internationally famous and earn a pretty decent living. However it was the fame that drove him, not some love of animals. If you doubt this just look at how his wife Terri has continued the Irwin legacy by promoting his 8-year old daughter Bindi’s new show. Admittedly it was something Steve had himself begun with his daughter (yet another sign that he was a shameless self-promoter), but there was no need for it to be finished after his death.

The way it’s been promoted too, focussed on the footage of Steve himself before he died, is nothing short of scandalous. Clearly they’re hoping to tie this into morbid curiosity or perhaps even more likely the pathetic way we seem to sanctify anyone who dies. However that’s not even the worst aspect of the story. No, that would have to be the fact there’s a one hour special on “My Daddy The Croc Hunter”. I’m in awe of how people can’t see how pathetic that is. As for clips of Bindi’s childhood, perhaps they’ll show how her father, the loving father that he was, put her in danger with a crocodile before she could even walk. What a great man he was…



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