WTF R U retarded? 4Real, u iz 2 stupid.

27 03 2007

What is it with today’s youth and their inability to string a coherent sentence together? I hate to sound like an old man, but when a 26 year old is bemoaning “today’s youth” you really have to wonder what the hell is wrong with the current generation. I appreciate that with SMS there’s a requirement for shorthand, it’s not only convenient (particularly in the days before predictive texting where you had to bash the same key repeatedly to get the letter or symbol of choice) but economical. Most of the time by shortening individual words you’re able to fit more into one text and cut down the number of messages you need to send, thus saving money. Although given the advance in technology (bringing with it predictive text) and the increasingly competitive offers on the marketplace (many packages now including free texts) neither of these excuses is quite as watertight as perhaps they once were. But nonetheless, they’re valid.

Yet what I fail to understand is why it has to be used on the internet. Even when texting I use it only as a last resort, now that we have predictive texting I usually begin by attempting to write the message out in full using proper English, and only if the message cuts off, or I have more to add, do I then go back and alter parts into “textspeak”. What’s worse is that what was once “textspeak” is now “netspeak”, as if to apply the same shorthand from use on SMS, where it is logical to do so, to the internet, where it is not, is somehow just natural evolution. This is no minor issue either, it’s not all about “good grammar” or anything quite so snobby as that. I fear for a world where the “netspeak” generation actually run things because you can bet it will be a world where the shortcut will prevail. Forget road safety and having a safe working environment, because that would require doing things properly. No, instead expect a world where because everyone is taking a shortcut, people get hurt, or worse yet, die.

Yes, you heard right people, “netspeak” costs lives. So if not for me, if not for yourself (and your own literacy), please, for the sake of humanity, cease being so lazy and actually try using the language skills you’re blessed with.



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25 10 2007
Well, I’m Driving « Some Go Softly

[…] WTF R U retarded? 4Real, u iz 2 stupid. […]

30 10 2007

I love predictive. It’s a great advance – and it’s actually helped my spelling.

But others just don’t use it, because they simply don’t know how to spell. And if you don’t know how to spell, the word you’re looking for never turns up. And a quick 30 second message turns into a 5 minute one.

Sad, but true.

Here’s something to shock and anger you – in NZ, in your High School exams, you can write in Text Speak if you like and it will be marked without penalty. Can’t find the original article – our news sites here have a nasty habit of relegating everything to the archives. But here it is on engadget:

Personally, I never use those teenage shorthands – through I’m probably closer to your generation than the “youth” of today. Damn, that sucks.

30 10 2007
Mr President

I love predictive myself. That story about Text Speak in exams is scary.

19 01 2008
Random Roundup 2008 « Textual Relations

[…] internet you’d at least remove the adverts first. It seems today’s kids are not only too stupid to spell things properly but can’t even cheat! No wonder they’re having to make exams easier and […]

27 04 2008
It’s Just Wrong! « Textual Relations

[…] of you who’ve read Textual Relations for some time now will have seen this sort of thing before. Should he follow through with his goal of emigrating to the US he will no doubt be immensely […]

10 07 2008

Even the mighty Google doesn’t recognise “txt spk” (sic) as a language. You can set up the user interface language in klingon, Pig Latin, Bork Bork Bok, Elmer Fudd, plus some more bona fide options.
I suggest that we develop or find a simple application that strips all vowels out of sentences. If you receive one of these retarded emails, simply reply back “de-vowelled” ! What can I say, LL

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