Not hot.

21 03 2007

Why do hideously ugly people bother putting their pictures up on Hot Or Not (though knowing my luck when you click on that the random person who comes up will be smokingly hot)? Seriously, for every amazingly hot girl on there (and there quite a few of those, I’m pleased to report) there are about 5 absolute stinkers. Do you really need/want the world to confirm the fact you’re repulsive? In most cases these people have incredibly low self-esteem and don’t feel good about the way they look (and with good reason!) so why on Earth would they want to only make that worse? If you’re one of those people who does it, please, listen to me, for your own sake. Don’t put your fugly pictures up if you don’t want to be to give you a score of 1. And speaking of scores of 1, why is it you can’t give someone 0? A score of 1 implies they have a modicum of hotness, albeit a tiny one, but in many cases there isn’t a shred of attractiveness. Some have a face only a mother could love. Hell, some have faces even their own mothers must be repulsed by! I’m sure in many cases when they were born the doctor slapped their mum.



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