Kate’s Great.

19 03 2007

Kate Moss is hot. Unbelievably hot. So hot she sometimes makes me want to cry. Mind-numbingly I’d-do-anything-for-one-night drop-dead gorgeous. I realise that to most of you that’s a statement of the bleeding obvious but in light of Lily Allen’s statements it needed to be reiterated. Any right-thinking member of society can see that she’s a beautiful woman who happens to be a natural waif. She clearly doesn’t starve herself, she’s just small-boned. If I may say so I suspect Allen’s views are fuelled by jealousy. To call Drew Barrymore a positive role model for young people has to be the most ridiculous statement ever made. This is a girl who was doing drugs and drinking before she even hit puberty.She’s the posterchild (no pun intended) of the Curse of The Child Star.

Of course Moss has had her problems with drugs too, and I wouldn’t uphold her as a positive role model for kids either, but why is it either of them have to be thought of as role models? What is our obsession with turning every celebrity into either a positive or negative role-model for young people? Allen is clearly feeling insecure about her own looks. The fact she refers to herself as a “responsible role model” and goes on to berate size zero seems to confirm this. Even if we give her the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she’s lauding Barrymore for overcoming her addictions, what about Moss doing the same? Both are held up as people who’ve fought hard to overcome addiction (which, personally speaking, I think is complete PR bullshit).

If Allen wants to berate the size zero issue then perhaps she should’ve chosen a more appropriate target. Like Nicole Richie, who is set to work as a Fat Camp counsellor as part of her “reality TV show” (TV-speak for crapfest) The Simple Life along with fellow stick-insect Paris Hilton. Does anyone else think it’s incredibly hypocritical for these two, Richie with a confirmed history of being unhealthily underweight, to lecture a bunch of overweight kids on how they should starve themselves to look like them? Perhaps they should switch roles and let the fatties tell the anorexic “celebrities” (I hate this “celebrity by association” craze. Neither would be famous without those surnames) to actually try eating sometime…

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