A mockery of justice

17 03 2007

A 32-year-old Seattle woman was today sentenced to 23 years for beheading her 6-year-old daughter. Am I alone in thinking that’s unbelievably lenient? A life sentence in the UK is a fixed term of 25 years, and in the US is a minimum of 25 years but usually a lot longer. And yet this woman can drown and then behead, yes, behead, her own toddler and gets less than life? Drowning is perhaps not a particularly unusual murder method but beheading the body after death is the sort of depraved act that normally results in harsher sentencing. And as if to make matters worse, this heinous act was perpetrated against a child!

The fact she was using drugs at the time isn’t some sort of mitigating circumstance, if anything it’s something that ought to result in even harsher punishment. We’re excusing someone committing a horrific crime because they committed another, albeit a lot lesser, crime? How ridiculous is that? When you take drugs you know they are going to affect your ability to reason, it’s why you do it. If you’re responsible for a 6-year-old child and do drugs, and any harm comes to that child, they should throw the book at you for being an irresponsible piece of trash. I swear people should need to get licenses to become parents.

The woman belongs to a cult that worhips Tupac as some sort of reincarnation of Machiavelli. It’s bad enough that people worship Tupac as a rapper, as some sort of poet, which is completely at odds with the truth; that he was a thug and a complete degenerate. And who on Earth thinks Machiavelli was a figure worthy of worship? Well, ok, I do, but then I wouldn’t be calling my own kid a “devil child” just because she interrupts my freaking telephone conversations. What on Earth could you be talking about that was so bloody important that when your child, as all children are prone to do, interrupts, you decide to drown and behead them? And to top things off the murder itself was encouraged by someone else as some sort of occult ritual. Why wasn’t that person brought to justice? The only good news in the entire scenario is that her other children (yes, amazingly the woman who couldn’t understand why a 6-year-old kept getting out of bed has a 14-year old and a younger infant) will now be free from their deranged mother until they’re both adults.

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