The perfect woman

15 03 2007

irina.JPGThe former Mrs Abramovich, Irina, might just possibly be the perfect woman. Not only is she now loaded (although not as loaded as she might’ve been), she’s pretty good looking and apparently looking to bid for Fulham, local rivals of Chelsea, the club owned by her husband. How ironic would it be if she managed to use his fortune to destroy his latest plaything? Considering they’re owned by Al Fayed, if Irina were to buy a stake there’d be quite a chunk of money behind them.

But what makes her particularly attractive is none of the above. She’s not that good looking and considering she comes from Russia, a country famed for amazingly beautiful blondes, she’s not particularly impressive. And if Fulham became a new Chelsea that might not actually be a particularly good thing. Al Fayed is an odious man and I’d hate to see him gloating if Fulham ever won anything of note. No, what makes Irina attractive is quite simple. Yes, she’s not as rich as she could’ve been but it’s just that which makes her quite a catch. She’s clearly stupid enough to cost herself £5billion so imagine how easy it would be to take advantage of her, bleed her dry and dump her, taking a small fortune with you?

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